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Refresh your knowledge, gain confidence and improve your pronunciation. Learn at your own speed with lessons tailored to your personal needs and goals. With our monthly class package, you are granted access to a big library of English resources, English language exercises, grammar clarifications, games & quizzes, and more. The full package also includes 4h of private classes with Annie, per month via Skype.

  • $9.00/mes con una prueba gratuita de 7 días

    English resources library (grammar clarifications, exercises and quizzes).

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  • $80.00/mes con una prueba gratuita de 7 días

    English library + 4h classes

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    A1 - B1

    • WH Question Words

    • Irregular Verbs

    • Future Tenses (will / going to)

    • Past | Present | Future Simple - Practise your writing

    • Non numerical words for quantities

    • Prepositions of Transport "on", "in", "by"

    • Prepositions of time "at", "in", "on"

    • Do VS Make

    • How to use "so" and "too"

  • 2

    B1 - B2

    • How to use prefixes

    • How to use suffixes

    • Missing the pronoun "it"

    • The difference between "such", "so" and "too"

    • Present Perfect VS Past Simple Training

    • Present Perfect VS Past Simple Gap Fill

    • Phrasal Verbs

    • How to use "rather" - "prefer"

    • Using "wish" in a sentence

    • Use(d) to - did(n't) use to

    • Homophones & Minimal Pairs

  • 3

    B2 - C2

    • Conditionals Made Easy

    • Using 'worth'