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Refresh your knowledge, gain confidence and improve your pronunciation. Learn at your own pace with lessons tailored to your personal needs and goals. Our monthly class package gives you access to a big library of English resources, English language exercises, grammar clarifications, games & quizzes, and more. The full package also includes 4h of private classes with Annie, per month via Skype.

How does this work?

My methodology totally depends on the individual, their goals and desires. During your first meeting, you will get to know me, discuss your aims and make a learning plan. If you had not already, you will be asked to complete a placement test to find out what you already know and what you can improve. This placement trial involves a speaking interview, writing, and multiple-choice test.

In the classes, you will be practising all skills; speaking, listening, reading, and writing (receptive and productive skills), with a strong focus on pronunciation and phonology to gain fluency and confidence. Depending on the student’s objectives, you can be set homework that involves listening, writing, reading, and grammar exercises. Every now and then, I will test your progress, accuracy and fluency on earlier treated material.

Is this for me?

Are you looking to gain fluency, accuracy, and reduce your accent?  From beginner to advanced, all classes know a variety of approaches but are always tailored to the student’s wishes. Everybody's mind is different and everyone learns their own way. 

These classes are recommended to those willing to improve their English in an organic way and those that want to produce language naturally, sound fluent, but still be authentic. - "We don't all need to sound like the Queen".  

Depending on your goals, I strive to include a wide range of themes, think of family and friends, food and cooking, technology, travelling and culture, work and your professional life, etc. 

Each topic will be introduced with a new language point and/or related vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms, expressions, etc. The class will always be concluded with a last pronunciation practise to ensure your development.

About Annie

Annemiek Dunhof

EFL Teacher | Author & Translator | Yoga Instructor

... a determined and fanatic language student, and yoga practitioner with a lot of experience in the field of learning and education. I have a deep passion for personal development and am always looking for new experiences and adventures with which I can help others expand their horizons. In 2016, I completed the CELTA course at CES (Centre for English Studies) in Edinburgh, which prepared me to enter the field of EFL teaching. During my travels through Central America in 2018, I trained with Selena Garefino Yoga and obtained my certificate in teaching Hatha and Vinyasa yoga sequences. Nowadays, I try to combine my experiences in a joint package; themed classes of English and yoga with a focus on the language we use in our yoga practise. According to my CELTA certificate and the Yoga Alliance recognition, I hope to be of help to anyone interested in learning English as their second language, while obtaining mental and physical stability. On top of that, I teach private classes and do a lot of work related to translation. I periodically keep busy translating general, commercial and website content. Open-minded, hardworking and always with a smile on my face, I look forward to any challenge you can throw my way.

English Level Test

Multiple-choice test and written assessment to test your level of English. Receive personal feedback and find out what you already know and what you could improve.

Placement test TIPS

Test your level of English; find out what you already know and what you could improve. This test consists out of a multiple-choice test (grammar), a writing test and could be followed up by an oral assessment if desired. Your answers and personal feedback will be sent to your email upon completion.

  • Find a quiet place where you cannot be disturbed. Put your phone on silence.

  • Read carefully. Take your time. Do not overthink.

  • If you do not know the answer go to the next question and return at a later point. If later, you do not know the answer, please leave blank. Do not use google - trust your gut.

  • Remember: it is not a competition - it is ok to make mistakes - you are here to learn.

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