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Hi, my name is Annie

I am an English teacher, yoga instructor and the founder and content creator of ENGA.

As a curious child, my evolving passion for languages and self-development was not surprising. At a young age, I started travelling and realized the importance of communication wherever, whenever, with whomever, and rolled into teaching English. In the meantime, I picked up yoga as a way to stay active and discovered the ongoing learning process. And, just like you, I got hooked.

Little by little, I met more and more people interested in yoga, but like me in the beginning, did not really understood the concept or could not follow the instructions given. Yoga uses a different type of language we use in our daily life and that’s how I discovered how I could help you. 

With ENGA, we dive into the language of yoga in English and serve people interested in yoga as a whole. Especially guided to non-native English yoga practitioners and, or (already) teachers. 

I help you grow your yogic understanding, follow classes worldwide, get prepared for teacher training, or if you’re a teacher already, grow your following by teaching yoga in English.


Annemiek Dunhof

EFL Teacher | Author & Translator | Yoga Instructor

... a determined and fanatic language student, and yoga practitioner with a lot of experience in the field of learning and education. I have a deep passion for personal development and am always looking for new experiences and adventures with which I can help others expand their horizons. In 2016, I completed the CELTA course at CES (Centre for English Studies) in Edinburgh, which prepared me to enter the field of EFL teaching. During my travels through Central America in 2018, I trained with Selena Garefino Yoga and obtained my certificate in teaching Hatha and Vinyasa yoga sequences. Nowadays, I try to combine my experiences in a joint package; themed classes of English and yoga with a focus on the language we use in our yoga practise. According to my CELTA certificate and the Yoga Alliance recognition, I hope to be of help to anyone interested in learning English as their second language, while obtaining mental and physical stability. On top of that, I teach private classes and do a lot of work related to translation. I periodically keep busy translating general, commercial and website content. Open-minded, hardworking and always with a smile on my face, I look forward to any challenge you can throw my way.

Sara Cecilia Zúñiga

Yoga Instructor | Reiki & Thai Massage Practitioner

… a bilingual yogini. I draw inspiration from various healing modalities and traditions to create a wellness experience that is in accordance with the energetics for a given time and season. A typical class might integrate alignment-based seasonal Yoga inspired by the moon phases for example. I am also passionate about connecting with others through sacred practices, rituals, and ceremonies.  Although I like a good energetic sequence, I also enjoy the art of mindful rest through restorative and yin practices. I love finding balance through the challenge of fire and the graceful fluidity of water.  I am certified as 200HR E-RYT/500HR RYT. My introduction to Yoga was through the Greenhouse Holistic community in Brooklyn, NY and includes a range of diverse Yoga lineages (Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa). I continue on my yogic path as a student of these lineages and others, such as the Katonah method and Thai Massage. 
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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am not flexible at all, how do I do yoga?

    Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, experience, fitness or flexibility. Even your energy level on a specific day can make a difference, but it is never an excuse to not practice. All classes are very personal, full of modifications and adaptable to your body. Find what feels right in your body.

  • Can I enrol if I do not speak any English?

    ENGA's resources are designed for all levels of English learners. Some things might be harder to understand than others, but we do my utter best to adjust to all students. Given our experience, teaching all levels and ages, including young children and the elderly, we have obtained a broad toolbox to help you on your learning journey and avoid the frustrations of misunderstandings. We also speak Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Dutch. Please do not hesitate to get in touch in your language. In addition, we also speak Spanish, Portuguese, German and Dutch. Please do not hesitate to get in contact in your language.

  • How do you mark my exercises and assignments?

    Most of our course material is computer-based. Mistakes are automatically explained through the program. Assignments are checked by us personally. You can send those in easily via the assignment pages or contact page. We strive to get your results back to you ASAP.

  • For how long do I have access to the resources?

    If you are a member, you have access to the included courses at all times. Part of the material is downloadable which allows you to study without internet connection or revise study material after completion. When you cancel your membership, your access lasts until the date of your last payment’s expiration.

  • As a member, what do I get exactly?

    The membership includes a consistent package every month. 4 yoga flows (related to the monthly theme), asana break downs (related to the monthly theme), 1 guided meditation, themed worksheets, quizzes, live Q&A, access to all previous yoga classes, access to the student portal, access to English language clarification.

  • Is ENGA for me?

    ENGA is for those who are interested in practising yoga, so assuming you are here; for you too! We help you develop your knowledge of all kinds of yogic topics. We use ‘easy’ language, understandable for total beginners to experienced yogi(ni)s. ENGA is great for non-native English students and yoga teachers and can be helpful pre-teacher training, or as a teacher training refresher.

  • I signed up but decided it is not really for me.

    No worries, we understand you might have changed your mind. It is the flow of life. You can cancel your membership at any time. Click on 'my account' in the top right corner to cancel .

That's what they said

student testimonials

“Attending Annie's yoga classes was such a joy. The vinyasa flows were the perfect mix of easy & challenging, tailored specifically for our self-love group. Our retreat only allowed for 4 days of yoga, but I could have used more! She's caring, interactive, knowledgable and even took the time to research and share alternative stretches for my injury. Her calming voice and great music taste are a definite plus, too.”


“Annie ha sido mi profesora de Inglés conversacional vía Skype por ya casi un año, al principio estaba yo algo escéptico sobre tener clases a través de una videollamada, pensé que sería algo aburrido estar frente a la computadora, pero Annie hace que cada minuto sea realmente increíble. Después de este tiempo he conseguido confianza al hablar y ahora puedo comunicarme bastante bien. Ella además de inglés, también habla español (y algunos otros idiomas más), por lo que conoce las posibles complicaciones que un hispanohablante puede encontrar al querer aprender inglés. No dudes en intentarlo, te llevarás una muy linda sorpresa.”

Alfredo - Mexico City, Mexico

“I was in Puerto Vallarta for a self-love retreat that included daily yoga lead by Annie. She did such a amazing job setting the tone for each day by integrating the theme of our lessons into the yoga practice. She did a great job helping the mind and body to become open and allow the messages to sink in through the movements! Her energy is soothing and encouraging giving you the confidence to try new things on the mat and reminding us that "our bodies are much more capable then our minds think" Her lessons were always a such a fantastic start to the day and I wish could have Annie back in America teaching! ”

Katie - Texas, USA

“Sara's approach is holistically about ensuring that everyone leaves the room with a pleasant experience and feels great before they dive back into their day. She also strives to ensure that folks focus on their own practice by getting physically close to students and whispering to them instructions on how they can do better. This helps keep other students breathing and focusing on their own practice. Her tenure at Swan’s Nest was a great one and I look forward to the day she returns.”

Chris G. - New York City, USA

“Me encanta Annie! Hace que las clases sean divertidas y a la vez aprendas mucho. Me ayudó a conseguir mi objetivo y mejorar mi inglés. Es una chica muy simpática. Las clases pasan volando! Aconsejable 100%”

Sagri - Rota, Spain

“”As a yoga newbie, I’ve encountered other instructors who go through the same motions, without any individualization for the class members. Sara Cecilia was a very refreshing change of pace; from the very start, I felt welcomed and got the feeling that she cared about me and my journey. She was patient and warm, giving helpful explanations about not only the physical aspects of yoga, but the mental and emotional as well. My heart literally felt more open after each session! I also appreciated how approachable she was to receive feedback or answer questions. I really cherished my time with Sara Cecilia and will remember her teachings always. When I meditate now, I hear her voice in my head!””

Jen H. - New York City, USA

“Annie es una de los pocas personas que conozco que veas que siente una gran dedicación y sobre todo compromiso el cual pone a cada una de sus clases. Annie es una profesora espectacular, se esfuerza al máximo para que consigas excelentes resultados. Con ella las clases pasan volando. Clases dinámicas, interactivas y lúdicas. En pocas semanas notarás una gran mejora en tu nivel de inglés. Si buscas profe de inglés, Annie es la mejor.”

Maria - Madrid , Spain