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With a new theme every month, we dive into the language of yoga and all kinds of yogic topics. Learn how to use English in your yoga practises, get familiar with all body parts, alignment cues and yogic vocabulary, study the yogic body, diet and lifestyle, the chakras, Ayurveda, Yamas & Niyamas, etc.

What do I get?

Every month we focus on a new topic. Think of ‘Intro to Yoga’, 'The Yogic body', 'Ayurveda', 'The Chakras', 'The Yogic Diet', etc.

Take for example ‘Intro to Yoga’. During that month, we will study all major topics that correspond to the basic principles of yoga. You will learn the basic asanas (postures), recognize beginner flows, get familiar with practical language used during the instructions (alignment cues), learn about the eight limbs, and study the origin and history of yoga." 

Every month includes:

  • 4 yoga flows (related to the monthly theme) 
  • asana break downs (related to the monthly theme)
  • 1 guided meditation (related to the monthly theme)
  • themed worksheets (packed with useful language)
  • quizzes 
  • live Q&A (with guest speakers)
  • access to all previous yoga classes
  • access to the student portal
  • access to (English) language clarifications

How does it work?

Every month, you will receive a newsletter in which I welcome you to the new theme and will announce the date(s) of the Q&A (with guest speaker). From that day, you have access to the new worksheets, quizzes, guided meditation, and asana break downs for you to work on at your own pace. 

We practise yoga live every Wednesday and Friday, but in case you cannot make it, the videos are uploaded to the membership pages so you can practise whenever you like, or even multiple times. 

We are here for you! 

Questions, doubts, completely overwhelmed, you are free to get in touch whenever you need. Just send us an e-mail. 

Do not forget our student portal as well. Here you can ask your fellow yogi(ni)s for help and support. All material on the membership is downloadable so you can use the platform on your laptop, phone, tablet, etc. even when you are offline.

I signed up but decided it is not really for me.

No worries, we understand you might have changed your mind. It is the flow of life. You can cancel your membership at any time. To cancel your membership, click here.  

Membership monthly

Membership includes: 4 yoga flows, asana break downs, 1 guided meditation, themed worksheets, quizzes, live Q&A (with guest speakers), access to all previous yoga classes, access to the student portal access to (English) language clarifications, teacher support at all times. Pay monthly or opt for 3 months with 10% off.

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Hi there, my name is...

Annemiek Dunhof

EFL Teacher | Author & Translator | Yoga Instructor

... a determined and fanatic language student, and yoga practitioner with a lot of experience in the field of learning and education. I have a deep passion for personal development and am always looking for new experiences and adventures with which I can help others expand their horizons. In 2016, I completed the CELTA course at CES (Centre for English Studies) in Edinburgh, which prepared me to enter the field of EFL teaching. During my travels through Central America in 2018, I trained with Selena Garefino Yoga and obtained my certificate in teaching Hatha and Vinyasa yoga sequences. Nowadays, I try to combine my experiences in a joint package; themed classes of English and yoga with a focus on the language we use in our yoga practise. According to my CELTA certificate and the Yoga Alliance recognition, I hope to be of help to anyone interested in learning English as their second language, while obtaining mental and physical stability. On top of that, I teach private classes and do a lot of work related to translation. I periodically keep busy translating general, commercial and website content. Open-minded, hardworking and always with a smile on my face, I look forward to any challenge you can throw my way.

Sara Cecilia Zúñiga

Yoga Instructor | Reiki & Thai Massage Practitioner

… a bilingual yogini. I draw inspiration from various healing modalities and traditions to create a wellness experience that is in accordance with the energetics for a given time and season. A typical class might integrate alignment-based seasonal Yoga inspired by the moon phases for example. I am also passionate about connecting with others through sacred practices, rituals, and ceremonies.  Although I like a good energetic sequence, I also enjoy the art of mindful rest through restorative and yin practices. I love finding balance through the challenge of fire and the graceful fluidity of water.  I am certified as 200HR E-RYT/500HR RYT. My introduction to Yoga was through the Greenhouse Holistic community in Brooklyn, NY and includes a range of diverse Yoga lineages (Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa). I continue on my yogic path as a student of these lineages and others, such as the Katonah method and Thai Massage.